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Woman stuck in the snow with reflective triangleHow to Assemble an Emergency Roadside Kit for Winter

Traveling in unpredictable winter weather can be more dangerous than driving during the summer due to unexpected snow storms that reduce visibility and ice that makes roads slippery. Tahoe locals should (& likely do) carry these items daily during our EPIC snow seasons! With the amount of travelers to beautiful Tahoe, chances are, you may have road delays. We want you to be as safe and comfortable as possible when traveling. It’s important to be prepared in the event of  being stranded due to inclement weather or a car accident, and possibly with no cell service. Learn how to assemble an emergency roadside kit for winter so you’re always prepared in case of a winter driving emergency. These are some of the things we have learned through the years:

  • Store everything together Pack your winter emergency roadside kit in a duffel bag that fits in your car’s trunk or back seat. Keeping all your supplies together will enable you to act quickly in the event of an emergency and prevent necessary items from getting misplaced or lost under seats.
  • Start with a first aid kit A first aid kit is a fundamental element of a roadside emergency kit. You can purchase a ready-made first aid kit, which will include many important supplies, or assemble your own. Your winter roadside emergency kit should include bandages, gauze, tape, antiseptic solution, ibuprofen, butterfly closures, alcohol, burn ointment, tweezers, scissors, and vinyl or latex gloves.
  • Keep a well-stocked tool kit Include a portable tool kit in your car for any roadside repairs. Your tool kit should include a screwdriver, vice grips, wrench, hammer, car jack, duct tape and jumper cables. Also carry a small folding knife that can be used for cutting duct tape to do repairs or for cutting clothing off to treat injuries, if needed.
  • Stay warm Regulating your body temperature and avoiding hypothermia in a winter emergency is crucial, so keep items in your winter roadside kit that can help you stay warm and dry if you get stuck in inclement winter weather. Pack extra pairs of gloves and socks along with an extra hat so you can change if yours get wet while changing a tire. Store at least two blankets in your kit or in your trunk. Include chemical hand warmers and a mylar blanket, which looks like a thin piece of aluminum foil, but works with your body heat to keep your temperature consistent.
  • Include flashlights Your kit should include multiple flashlights to help you see after dark and also to help you be seen and flag down passing cars or police. Pack plenty of extra batteries for the flashlights and keep them in their original packaging so they retain their integrity.Things to keep in your car in winter
  • Care for your car Pack flares and reflective hazard triangles to place around your car and keep it visible to other motorists during a snowstorm. These help police or tow truck drivers see you better in a storm.
  • Stock nonperishable food Keep plenty of bottled water and nonperishable, nutritious food items, like energy or protein bars, in your kit to keep you hydrated in case you have to wait a long time for assistance or better weather.
  • Be prepared for winter weather Keep a folding snow shovel and ice scraper in your kit in case you need to dig your car out of a ditch or snowbank. Also pack antifreeze and small candles or a lighter; these will allow you to melt snow for drinking water. Don’t let your gas tank get below half, to potentially avoid lines freezing. Know that you possibly will be stuck in areas without cell service. And finally, let loved ones know your plans, and that they might not be able to reach you at certain points of your trip. Panic doesn’t help anyone! Travel safely when you come to or leave beautiful Tahoe, and ENJOY your ride!