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Enjoy a Hike at Sorensen’s Resort near Lake Tahoe

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The Natural beauty of Tahoe is why so many Want to call South Lake Tahoe home!

With each season that Beautiful Tahoe has to offer, there comes certain activities than can only be done during those short few months.  Without a doubt, Fall has arrived here in South Lake Tahoe.  Kokanee Festival, Fall Food Fest & Halloween are all specific to this glorious season. One of my favorite things about the fall season has to be the foliage and the changing color of the Aspen leafs.  Just the other day I decided to get out and capture some of the stunning color with my amateur photography skills and share my adventure with you.

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The colors are so Bright and will get Brighter in the next few weeks

To find some of the brightest color it’s best to hop the car and head down Hwy 89.  It’s a quick 11 miles while winding through Caron Pass with its open meadows and abundant tress. With the peaceful surrounding, it’s only a few moments before arriving at the cross sections where Hwy 89 intersects with Hwy 88. I Take a left here, following the signs to Markleeville.  After just 2 miles  Soresen’s Resort appears, a cozy little bed and breakfast nestled among the East Carson river and towering Trees.  This is the spot!  Park along the road, grab your camera and water bottle, and head up the fire road just before the actual resort on the right hand side.  If you see a locked gate warning you not to block the gate, you’re in the right spot!  Walk up the old access road and prepare to enter what will look like a post card.

It’s early in the season for the changing Aspen right now, so the mountain sides are dotted with little burst of yellow that resemble sun peeping through an overcast day. All along this trail there are numerous view points and large boulders that provide the perfect view and photo opt. If you’ve got your hiking legs about you, then follow the clearly marked trail abotu 2.5 miles all the way to the top of the cliffs that peer over Sorensen Resort.  Plan to spend at least 20 minutes here and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I like to pack a snack so I can stay as long as I like.  From up hear you can clearly see the roads from which you have traveled to reach this amazing view point. The cars look like tiny ants following their trail home.

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From the cliffs above Sorensen's Resort the world seems tiny.

It’s really the little things like this that make South Lake Tahoe a home and a great place to raise a family.  The vast amount of forest service land and natural beauty that surrounds beautiful Lake Tahoe makes the outdoor possibilities endless.  Keep checking back for more tips on how to enjoy Lake Tahoe like a local, here with us at Beautiful Tahoe!



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