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Mysterious Safe Found in South Lake Tahoe Casino

The South Lake Tahoe Casinos have always provided a rich source of mystery and entertainment ever since the first Casino was established in 1944 by Harvey Gross.  Harvey’s Wagon Wheel Saloon and Gambling Hall was the first Casino on the Shores of South Lake Tahoe and forever changed they dynamic of this beautiful town.  The Wagon Wheel Saloon was not the typical Casino that we see today on the lit up strip of Las Vegas, but rather more like a restaurant with a few slot machines.  However, some things just go hand in hand; bacon and eggs, popcorn and butter and mobsters and Casinos.

This memorable Godfather scene was filmed on Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe has had a rich mob history in the past and many stories and legends have yet to be determined as fact or fiction.  Remember the Godfather and Fredo sleeping with the fishes? Yup, that was filmed here in Lake Tahoe and if you ask any true local they will tell you they believe that Lake Tahoe hold many secrets in her cold dark blue waters. So when the chatter hit the town of a mysterious safe turning up at one of the old Casinos you better believe the whole town was talking about it

Currently, Lake Tahoe has been undergoing some serious growth and much of this has been happening in the Stateline corridor.  Real Estate has been trading hands and recently while crews were demolishing a section of the old Bill’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe they came across an old safe that had been concealed in the wall behind Sheetrock for many years.   Initially the 4 foot tall black safe was not able to be opened by two different locksmiths. So they called in the big guns so to speak 

The former Bill's Casino was where the safe was found.

This mysterious safe has had the whole town talking and has even attracted the interest of some big time names to our quaint little ski town.  The Tahoe Daily Tribune has reported that the safe has been opened and that the “Big O”– Oprah herself has been granted exclusive access and coverage to the contents of the safe. Unfortunately, that’s all we know! The show has yet to be aired to the contents of the mystery safe are still unknown around town.  Could it be gold? Clues to an old murder mystery? Or maybe it is empty and it was just to heavy to move.  In any case we’ll have to wait until the show airs on the Oprah Winfrey Show to find out what exactly what secrets this safe has been holding for all these years!

Check back with here on BeautifulTahoe for any updates regarding the fabulous South Lake Tahoe mystery surrounding some of the older commercial real estate in South Lake Tahoe.


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